Kid is so easy to like.

Here’s how I watched the moon turn orange tonight.

I’m watching The O.C.

The O.C. is terrible, but I’m watching it, let’s just get past that.

Once in a while it, either accidentally or purposely, does some cool things.

For starters, the soundtrack is among the greatest. There’s been a few Sorkin-esque walk and talks filled with witty banter. Lastly, a few episodes ago it did this very direct parallel between the father and his adopted son going through similar trials and problems even at such different phases of their lives, however now it’s continued it in a much more subtle and nuanced way.

Digging a little deeper, aka looking at IMDB, JJ Philbin the top billed writer after the creator dude, also wrote for several episodes of New Girl. A show I really really like.

I still know it’s not good. But it’s become a guilty pleasure and I’m owning it.

Also, the other main guy is a terrifcly terrible actor. He only really has to do three things:

1. Look out of the corners of his eyes
2. Turn his back to the camera
3. Throw punches


The parent child comparisons are back to being overly obvious and now are so forced it’s obnoxious.

Things Worth the Money

Good Headphones.

I bought a $120 pair of headphones a little over two years ago.
About a year ago the cord broke.
I finally brought them somewhere to get repaired today.

Worth it.

Broken Drum Brewery / Amazing double IPA. Almost a double / amber mash up.

Currently Loving Beck - Say Goodbye

"I will wait and take a turn
Sort it out, let it burn
Empty out empty drawer
In my pockets, there’s nothing more”